Keep Your Car Looking and Feeling Like New!

There's nothing in the world that can compare to the look, feel, and smell of a brand new car. Subtle details such as shiny paint, fresh parts without wear, and squeaky clean wheels and tires can make a car look absolutely irresistible. Unfortunately, preserving your car in this pristine condition is next to impossible since driving will undoubtedly diminish the aesthetics of your car. Although there is no way of maintaining your car in perfect condition, there is a considerable difference between a car that has been neglected and one that has been meticulously maintained. Similar to routine vehicle maintenance, regularly detailing your car is a critical aspect of keeping your car in excellent condition.

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Here's What We do
  •     Full exterior wash
  •     Full interior vacuum
  •     Water spot removal on glass and paint as needed
  •     Full extraction of floor carpet and seats
  •     Wipe / scrub / clean all interior panels including dash
  •     Full exterior buff / polish as needed
  •     Wet sand buff / polish minor scratches
  •     Dress exterior trim and tires
  •     Clean all interior and exterior windows
  •     Clay bar treatment
  •     Clean and dress under hood engine bay
  •     Ceramic Coating for paint & glass 

Here's What We Detail
  •     Cars, SUVs & small trucks: $359
  •     Full size / heavy duty trucks: $479
  •     Toy Haulers: Call for price
  •     Semi tractors: Call for price
  •     Over size vehicles: Call for price
  •     Limousines: Call for price
  •     Commercial use only vehicles: Call for price
  •     Farm equipment / tractors / combines: Call for price
  •     Something else?: Call for price
  •     For Ceramic Coating: $895-995, Oversized or Specialty vehicles Call  for price
Here's How To Schedule
  •     Call us at (541) 754-1515 or email below
  •     Schedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance
  •     Drop your vehicle off to us at Toyota of Corvallis
  •     Provide us your vehicle from 8am-5pm
  •     Pick up your vehicle at Toyota of Corvallis
  •     Drive away in your shiny squeaky clean car
  •     Tell your friends and family where they can get their cars detailed

Here's A Disclaimer
Detailing appointments must be scheduled at minimum 48 hours in advance. We will need the vehicle a minimum of 8-10 hours (for larger and specialty vehicles 72 hours.) All items must be removed from the interior / trunk / storage compartments prior to dropping off the vehicle. Pictures will be taken before and after for insurance and liability reasons. Some restrictions may apply. Please call (541) 754-1515 for quotes on non-standard vehicles and for full details (pun intended.)

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