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stock photo of pair of white headlights approaching in the dark with reflection on road

Headlight Replacement in Corvallis, OR

Headlights are essential for any road-ready vehicle. They can be troublesome though, as it is not always that easy to tell when you need to get your headlight bulb replaced as it is to tell when a car driving the opposite direction in traffic needs a headlight replacement. 

When you bought your car you probably didn’t think too much about what kind of headlights were installed, but as soon as one breaks or goes out, you need to start thinking about how to replace it. There are more headlight types than you might think. ​It’s not just bulbs, but how the casing is designed and how the bulbs are mounted that matter. You will most likely encounter the following when it comes time to purchase replacement bulbs or service a damaged or missing headlight casing. 

stock photo of close up of projector headlight system

Headlight Service at Toyota of Corvallis 

To make things as easy as possible, schedule a service time with the parts and service department at Toyota of Corvallis. If your car can use different bulbs, you can arrange with your technician the kind of bulb you would like to use. The service technicians at Toyota of Corvallis are well trained and ready to get your car shining bright again. 

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stock photo of old car headlight with hood open service

Standard Headlights

Many cars use standard headlights since it is a simple design made with inexpensive materials. Standard headlights are made with the bulb facing forward. Bulbs in these arrangements are usually halogen, or incandescent in older vehicles. 

Projector Headlights 

Projector headlights are rather common as well but are configured with the bulb facing backward so that the light reflects off the headlight casing for a more controlled projection of light. 

High-Intensity Discharge (HID)/Xenon Headlights

These headlights use Xenon gas-filled bulbs for a brighter, bluer colored lighting effect. Not all vehicles can support Xenon-based lights, but if it might be an option on your vehicle, it’s worth exploring. 

LED Headlights

LED technology is everywhere. LEDs stay cooler, last longer, and use less energy than filament and most gas-based bulbs. Cars will usually come with LED fixtures in the headlight casing; LED lights can’t really replace bulb headlights in most circumstances.  

Laser Headlights

Currently, only some luxury car brands have laser light headlights. If you have a vehicle with Laser headlights you may need to find a specialist in laser headlight repair. 

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