2021 Toyota Venza silver white driving down city road showing front and passenger side

What Technology Features Will the 2021 Toyota Venza Have?

One of the most exciting things about keeping up with the announcements of new car models is learning about the new technology they will have available. The 2021 Toyota Venza is poised to steal the show in terms of touchscreen and audio technology. Entertainment technology working together with the new hybrid engine will make this one of the most advanced Toyota vehicles ever made. Read on for more information on this vehicle’s technological achievements. 

2021 Toyota Venza interior view of front seats through side door
2021 Toyota Venza exterior view of back of white model

What Kind of Infotainment Screen will the 2021 Toyota Venza Have? 

The infotainment screen on this vehicle is nothing short of impressive. The Venza has an available 12.3-Inch touchscreen oriented horizontally high in the middle of the dashboard like a priceless vase on the top of a marble pillar. It’s a wide, full color touchscreen with a great user interface that is as responsive as it is clear. Combine this with a 7-Inch multi-information display in place of a gauge cluster, and the new Venza looks like something out of a science fiction movie the former Venza could only dream of becoming. 

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What Premium Audio System Does the 2021 Toyota Venza Have? 

Toyota has been partnered with JBL® audio for so long that it’s hard to imagine the Venza having anything else. The 2021 Venza, when equipped with the premium audio package, has 9 speakers and a rear subwoofer. This sound system will make Toyota history by including a 1,200-Watt amplifier; the most powerful sound system ever put in a Toyota. Those who know music know JBL® and will undoubtedly go for the highest trim levels to get this premium audio package. 

2021 Toyota Venza close up of front grille and headlight
2021 Toyota Venza interior showing man in suit driving

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What Other Technology will the 2021 Toyota Venza Have? 

Look for plenty more technology available on the Venza. A 10-Inch color head-up display makes this Venza feel like the future. Advanced driver-assist technologies, a digital rearview mirror, and smart all-wheel drive are other major highlights, but that’s hardly everything the Venza has to offer. This vehicle is an exciting step forward into the future of automotive technology, be sure to check it out when it launches either later in 2020 or in 2021!