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What Can I Do Now to Make My Car Last Longer?

One of the best reasons to buy a Toyota is because they last longer than many other vehicles. Toyota is famous for its build quality and durability, so why not double down on those traits and put extra effort into making sure your investment in your Toyota lasts as long as possible? Read on to learn more about what you can do right now to improve the lifespan of your car. 

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Does Washing My Car Help It Last Longer? 

Washing your car, especially if you do so by hand, is a great way to protect your car from damaging rust. As soon as rust takes hold, it is difficult to stop it for long, so remember to wash your car. Automatic car washers can scrape dirt across your car as they wash, and might miss spots, so wash it yourself and remember to put on a few coats of wax. Wax gets water to roll off so it doesn’t leave stains and pool up anywhere on your car. It also prevents bird droppings or tree sap from damaging your car’s paint if you can’t wash it off right away. You can prevent or delay costly repairs by making sure salt, caked mud, or debris don’t deteriorate important components or cause rust. 

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Does Changing my Car’s Oil Help It Last Longer? 

The most important, and perhaps easiest way to keep your car running for decades is to keep up with changing your oil. A reservoir full of fresh oil keeps all the moving parts of your car from generating excess friction which damages parts over time. You need to keep changing your oil filter too so the particles in the oil don’t cycle through and end up causing more damaging friction and grinding. 

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Does Changing my Cabin Air Filter Help My Car Last Longer? 

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In most situations, a cabin air filter doesn’t necessarily extend the life of a car, but it does help keep your car’s ventilation system clean. A clean ventilation system makes the fans run efficiently and quietly so you can get even heat in the winter and responsive A/C in the summer. In that sense, a cleaner ventilation system will last longer and hold off the need for annoying A/C and heating repairs.