2021 Toyota Venza parked at night outside building

The Toyota Venza Will Return for the 2021 Model Year!

You might have missed the news since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented Toyota from being able to unveil the 2021 Toyota Venza when they originally wanted to. The return of the Venza was announced through an online event, and the news has people asking questions like: “Why bring back the Venza now?” or, “Why was the Venza discontinued in the first place?” If you see the new generation of the Venza, it will answer all of your questions, so read on to learn more about it. 

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When and Why Was the Venza Discontinued? 

The first generation Venza started with the 2009 model year and lived for six years until 2015 saw the end to the vehicle. The model kept getting passed up in favor of competition, and ultimately, low sales spelled the end for the Venza. 

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Toyota and the EPA disagreed over how to classify the vehicle. As a result, the original Venza was hard to identify. Toyota insisted that it should be judged against sedans of a similar size, but its body style and ride height made it fit better into the mid-size crossover category. The Highlander is slightly larger and can hold more people, so the competition came as much from outside the automaker as it did from the inside. 

2021 Toyota Venza close up of front grille and headlight
2021 Toyota Venza interior showing man in suit driving

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What Kind of Car is the 2021 Toyota Venza? 

Toyota will be taking another shot at straddling the line between sedan and crossover. The Venza promises a sedan-style driving experience with a back end that resembles a crossover for greater cargo space functionality. Take note that the return of the Venza means one major change, the vehicle will be exclusively hybrid. It should hold five people onboard and feature an all-new high-tech interior designed to stay relevant for years to come. Whether or not it will catch the kind of attention it needs to stay in production is hard to say for sure. We will all look forward to the 2021 Toyota Venza when it releases either later this year or next year.