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Toyota Corolla Air Conditioning at Toyota of Corvallis Near Lebanon, OR 97355

Getting in your car on a hot summer day in need of some cool air only to find out the air conditioning system in your car has stopped working is not a position most people want to find themselves in. We at Toyota of Corvallis near Lebanon, OR 97355 can help avoid this situation from happening. Our expert service staff will fully inspect your Toyota Corolla air conditioning, including checking to see if your Freon is full. We will make sure it’s working properly, so you don’t have any issues on those extra warm afternoons.

There are many reasons why your air conditioning system in your Toyota Corolla has stopped working. It could be that the chemicals in the system have worn out and need to be replaced. There’s also a chance your vehicle is leaking fluids. If this is the case, not only is your air conditioning not performing the way it should, but your entire engine could also be affected.

Additionally, there is also a chance that dirt, dust, and gravel from the roads you travel on have gotten caught in the engine, which can then clog your air conditioning system. Not only does this leave you hot and uncomfortable inside your vehicle, but this build-up of debris puts strain on the performance of your Toyota Corolla, as well as its gas mileage. When you bring your vehicle into Toyota of Corvallis near Lebanon, OR 97355, you can be sure that your Toyota Corolla air conditioning system is working the way it should, without slowing down your car.

Every time you bring your Toyota Corolla into the Service Department here at Toyota of Corvallis, you not only get exceptional customer service, but all of our services are done at a reasonable price that fits your budget. Our certified service team knows the inner workings of your air conditioning system, as well as every other components of your vehicle, so you will leave having confidence in more than just your vehicle’s ability to keep you cool and comfortable.

Let us at Toyota of Corvallis near Lebanon, OR 97355 make sure your air conditioning system is working the way it should, so it doesn’t shut down at an inconvenient time. Bring your Toyota Corolla to get inspected by our expert service staff today! You can make a service appointment right here on our website at a time that fits best within your daily schedule.

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Brian Carter
Service Director
Bridgette Highley
Service Advisor
What Inspires Me: Watching my son, Zander, learn and grow every day. My Hobbies: Horseback riding, watching movies with my family and bowling. The place I'd Love to Visit: Disney World. My Favorite Movie: Stardust
Kraig Luther
Service Advisor
Kraig has been with Toyota of Corvallis since 2016, however has been in the car business for 35 years. He grew up in Albany and has been a Corvallis resident since 1984. He enjoys golfing with friends and RVing with his wife and 2 dogs.
Rene Pardoel
Service Advisor
What inspires me: Positive people, family, and friends. My hobbies: Fishing, working on cars and motorcycles. The place I'd like to visit: Hawaii, Alaska, The Grand Canyon. Favorite movie: Roadhouse. Favorite sports team: Beavers. Favorite musician: Carrie Underwood.
Cory Conklin
Service Advisor
Cory started working at Toyota of Corvallis as a Greeter in 2016. He HAS now moved up to be a Service Advisor. He had never worked in the car business before but did come up to Corvallis from Springfield for this opportunity. He loves to travel, hike, explore and photography. Something about Cory that most people do not know is that he is adopted.
Shane Wilson
Express Maintenance Advisor
Erik Zimmerman
Service Advisor
Mike Lewitzke
Service Advisor
Mike Bass
Lot Attendant
  • What Inspires Me: Mom
  • My Hobbies: Working on cars
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: Canada and Florida
  • Favorite Movie: Space Jam
  • Favorite Musician: Rock
Cody Graves
TXM Technician
I started working as a Lube Technician for Toyota Subaru of Corvallis in May of 2017. However, I have over 10 years of experience. I grew up in Philomath and Tennessee because I have family in both places. I like to hunt and fish and play city league football. Something abaout me that most people do not know is that I played college football!
Adam Behrens
  • What Inspires Me: Tattoo Art, and nature
  • My Hobbies: Paint, Drawing, brewing Beer, and camping
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: Belgium
  • Favorite Sports Team: Subaru Rally Team USA
  • Favorite Musician: The Glitch Mob
Jeff Broadwell
TXM Technician
  • What inspires me: I enjoy working on cars.
  • My hobbies: Anything to do with an engine.
  • Place I'd like to visit: Italy.
  • Favorite movie: The Saw series.
  • Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers.
  • Favorite musician: Eminem.
Eric Davis
Used Car Technician
Sonny Edwards
Lot Attendant
Alex De paz
Toyota Master Technician
  • (541) 754-1515
  • What Inspires Me: My Family and making sure they are taken care of
  • My Hobbies: Camping & Boating
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: The Grand Canyon
  • Favorite Movie: Anything Scary
  • Favorite Sports Team: 49er's
  • Favorite Musician: Beastie Boys & MC Hammer
Brandon Ellis
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Robert France
Master Diagnostic Technician
  • (541) 754-1515
  • What Inspires Me: Sun rise and sun set
  • My Hobbies: Working
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: Fiji
  • Favorite Movie: Mel Brooks movies
  • Favorite Sports Team: OSU Women's Rugby
  • Favorite Musician: Junior Raimey
Dustin Fuller
Used Car Technician
Shelby Hanson
Kellan Holmberg
    I have been with Toyota for eight years. I started out as a porter, then moved to being a lube technician. Later I became the Toyota Express Maintenance Supervisor and I am currently a TXM Service Advisor. I have always had an interest in the car business. I always tinkered with cars as a teen. I later got side jobs helping restore hot rods in Albany. Then I worked for a local tire and wheel repair shop before starting at Toyota. I was born in Kelowna B.C. Canada. We moved when I was five to Alsea Hwy, later to Corvallis for K-12th grade where I stayed until I married my now wife and bought a house in Philomath, OR. I do photography as a hobby and side job. I also enjoy playing videogames and camping with my family.
Jeff Paulin
TXM Technician
  • What inspires me: My family.
  • My hobbies: Fishing with my family.
Nathan Ramsay
Advanced TXM Technician
  • What Inspires Me: George Washington
  • My Hobbies: Lifting, sports, and guitar
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: Scotland
  • Favorite Movie: Man of Steel/ Indiana Jones
  • Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
  • Favorite Musician: John Mayer
Jason Rice
TXM Technician
Nate Sim
  • (541) 754-1515
  • My Hobbies: Camping, dirt track racing, and sports
  • Place I'd Love to Visit: Anywhere tropical
  • Favorite Movie: Comedies
  • Favorite Sports Team: The Beavers
Sam Ugalde
Service Greeter
Trudy Gibson
Service Appointment Specialist
William Salamone
Curtis Crouch
Ron Nicholas
Josh Arnold
Aaron Hamel
TXM Technician
Michael Fitzwater
TXM Technician
Matthew Evans
Luke Yokoyama
Jawann Venable
Daniel Mendoza
Riley Harding
Service Greeter
Baylee Carter
Service Greeter
Michael Nichols
Service Greeter
Cameron Dixon
Service Greeter
Savannah Hanke
Service Greeter
Jaedon Morton
TXM Technician
Josh Turner
TXM Team Lead
Brian Stout
TXM Technician
Collin Castor
TXM Technician